What is Ozone therapy?

As you may have heard I am a big fan of Ozone therapy. Why? Because it saved me from having to get a total knee replacement in my 30’s. In my 30’s I started having significant left knee pain and swelling that gradually got worse.   For reasons unknown to the doctors I saw (that’s another story at another time) it was discovered by MRI that I had bone on bone arthritis.  I was never an athlete, never had a previous injury or surgery on that knee and all of a sudden here I was in my 30’s yes MY THIRTIES, requiring a total knee replacement.  That was unacceptable to me.  So, I started seeking out answers.

At that time, I had been shadowing one of my great mentors, Dr. David Brownstein, and he had told me about the use of ozone in his practice for reversing inflammatory disorders.  He injected my knee with medical ozone, and within an hour I had relief of my excruciating knee pain by 50%.  Two weeks later I came back for another ozone injection and my swelling and range of motion in that knee had dramatically improved. By my fourth injection, all my pain and swelling had resolved.  At my 6 month check up with my orthopedic doctor, he took an x-ray of my knee and immediately asked what I had done, all my arthritis was gone and there was actual new cartilage growing!  

What is medical ozone? It is a gas naturally found in the environment at the stratosphere level. The reason why we here so many negative things about ozone is that when pollutants from the earth mix with ozone, we get toxic harmful chemicals in our environment. This is not the same as medical ozone. 

Medical ozone has been around since the late 1800’s and was used in World War I. It has been used in Russia, Europe, and Cuba for decades.  is a potent anti-inflammatory and disinfectant that kills bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. It helps with energy production in the body and stimulates the immune system to heal.  It also gives pain relief for arthritis and autoimmune conditions.

At Wine Holistic Health Center, we are now offering PROLOZONE injections – a mixture of procaine, hydroxyB12, and ozone to give pain relief, energy, and promote immune system healing.  This is the same type of injections that reversed my osteoarthritis in the knee and saved me from having to get a knee replacement.  I can’t wait for other people to have the same success that I had in getting relief from ozone. I also recommend prolozone for any suffering from chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, or chronic infections.  If you are interested in more about our ozone services, please check out our ozone webpage at http://www.wineholistichealthcenter.com/ozone-therapy/.

And as always, I’m here to help you get to the ROOT cause of your health and thrive.


Dr. Wine