Why do the 7-Day Holistic Detox Cleanse?


Most of us do not eat to nourish our body the way we should.  We often fall short of consuming a diet rich in vegetables and healthy meats. We often consume plenty of junk food and alcohol, don’t exercise or sleep enough and just really take the time to take good care of ourselves.  

Are you feeling sluggish? Low energy?  Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds, feel inflammation and/or brain fog, or that your immune system is maxed out.

Aside from all of the toxins in our food and drink, it is difficult to avoid all the environmental toxins.  These include chemicals in personal care products and the work place, contaminated water, mold exposure, prescription drugs, outgassing, heavy metals and others. The nutrient deficiencies combined with the environmental toxin can lead to chronic disease development.  These are all excellent reasons to do a detox.


What the Holistic Detox Cleanse does for me?


Seven Reasons to Detox and Cleanse:

  1. Strengthens the immune system

  2. Support your vital organs

  3. Eliminate unhealthy cravings and support healthy brain chemistry

  4. Slow the effects of aging

  5. Lose weight and feel great

  6. Love your liver

  7. Restore antioxidants


How do I start a Holistic Detox Cleanse?


The 7-Day Holistic Detox Cleansing program from Wine Holistic Health Center offers both products along with professional step-by-step guidance and support. This tandem approach quickly removes toxins and prepares your body for a healthy restart! Call the clinic to sign up for this program at 810-355-4201 or email us at info@wineholistichealthcenter.com.


Six benefits included in the program:

Health Coach Appointment

Start with a 1-hour orientation appointment with a Health Coach to personalize the program for you. All the products and resources will be reviewed and provided to you at that time.


You receive a 7-Day Orthomolecular Core Restore Detox Kit to follow a daily regimen - personalized by your Health Coach. For further details on diet restrictions and supplement information, click below.


Since we love good food here at WHHC, we wanted to offer some healthy, great-tasting, easy recipes with your detox kit, that compliments the program. Your Health Coach will provide those to you.



Become a member of the WHHC Detox Community and unlimited email support with your Health Coach.

Detox Graduation Appointment

30-minutes with your Health Coach to celebrate the results of the program and discuss next steps towards healthy living.

  1. 1-hour orientation appointment with Health Coach;

  2. 7-Day Orthomolecular Detox kit;

  3. Ongoing Facebook Group membership & 7-Day email support from Health Coach;

  4. 30-minute graduation appointment with Health Coach.

How Much does the 7-Day Detox program cost?

The products, supplemental services, group support, along with the personized guidance and clinical support a health coach add up to $319 for the program. So within one week you are on your way to resetting your body for healthy living!!! Just call and schedule your first 60-minute Health Coach appointment. You’ll leave that day equipped with all you need to have a successful experience. Payment for the program is due at scheduling, and there are no refunds for the program. During the 7-Days you’ll have access to a special Facebook group page as well as unlimited email support from your Health Coach. Recipes are included so you can remain compliant with the program. Lastly, at the end of the 7-Days, you’ll come in for another 30-minute Health Coach appointment.

Call the clinic to sign up for this program at 810-355-4201 or email us at info@wineholistichealthcenter.com and one of staff will reach out to you.