Weight Management Program designed to revolutionize the way you live

Dr. Sara Wine, a board-certified family practice doctor, has teamed up with Stacey Colliton, a holistic and nutritional health coach, to provide our patients with a weight management program focusing on individual well-being and overall wellness while encouraging you to reach your weight goal.  Our program is designed to help you feel terrific, truly fuel your body with what it needs, and learn how to break the food addictions caused by the standard American diet.  We want to see you get rid of brain fog, increase your energy, and heal your gut during this process.

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A program that provides tools to promote your health and encourage you in your weight goal.** 

Program sessions are individually tailored to meet you, the patient, right where you are and provide the tools to help you succeed.  Based on Dr. Wine’s medical recommendations, and your eating style, sessions will educate and encourage you to make healthy holistic decisions. During your initial medical physical, if Dr. Wine finds potential issues with your thyroid or hormones, she will work with Stacey to address those barriers.*

Here’s what you get with this program:

  • Physician provided medical clearance and physical by Dr. Wine.

  • 6 hours with Holistic Health Coach – face-to-face, email, skype, over the phone – whatever fits your busy schedule to help you succeed.

  • #90 days of personalized pharmaceutical grade vitamins offered in daily packets.

  • #90 days of premium probiotics –TherBiotic Complete by Klaire Labs

  • #90 days of premium fish oil – OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 by Metagenics

  • #90 days of dietary shakes

  • Supplemental Protein bars

  • Holistic step-by-step Cookbook

  • Physician supervised progress.

  • Teach you how to properly track weight and measurements throughout the program.

  • If you’re not already a patient of Dr. Wine, this program automatically processes you for your Initial Visit* with Dr. Wine (That’s an instant savings of $449.00!!!)

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The Wine Holistic Health Center Weight Management Program is designed for a weight target that pursues fat loss, not muscle loss, with the goal of making life-long changes to maintain healthy weight – i.e. change your habits and change your life! 

Included tools such as exercise recommendations, stress management, relaxation, meditation techniques and others will be offered as needed.

fad diets not at WHHC

Financial details of program:

This program and designed to be implemented over a 84 day period. Therefore, instead of eating out for one of your meals every day, take that money budget and put it towards this program. Meaning, for $25 per day over 84 days (that’s $175 a week) for a total of $2,100 for a program to revolutionize your life. 

For just $25 per day, you can start your holistic weight management success story.  Call Wine Holistic Health Center at 810-355-4201 to sign up today!

For $25.00 per day, that’s a meal for some of you, you're on your way to become the person you always wanted to be.