The New Patient Process

At the Wine Holistic Health Center, our goal is for you to experience personalized medicine that addresses the root cause of your health concerns and moves you towards optimal living.

To start that process, there are 3 steps in your New Patient Process.   

step 1 initial visit

Initial Visit

Step 1 - The Initial Visit is your first appointment with Dr. Wine. This is a 45 minute face-to-face visit where Dr. Wine and you will cover your medical history, your health goals, complications you've had reaching those goals and preliminary thoughts on areas that need to be addressed.

step 2 labs


Step 2 -  Have your labs done. Your discussions during the Initial Visit will determine which labs Dr. Wine will require of you. These labs will be conducted onsite, or occasionally through a third party. Labs are either performed the day of your Initial Visit or scheduled for another day. Some labs require fasting which will be discussed by the physician during your Initial Visit.

step 3 treatment plan

Treatment Plan Appointment 

Step 3 - Lab results take 2-6 weeks to get back to the clinic. When the labs arrive, Dr. Wine will review them and determines how much time is needed for your Treatment Plan Appointment. This will either be a 60 or 45 minute visit. Dr. Wine will review the lab results with you and lay out the plan to address those issues.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this process of Becoming a New Patient so different from my regular doctor?

Functional Medicine by nature takes more time and necessitates more data than traditional conventional medicine because we attempt to treat the cause of the symptoms you're experiencing not just the symptoms themselves.  Here's a short video explaining Functional Medicine

Are all 3 steps required to become a patient of Dr. Wine?

This is our process to uncover and treat the root cause of your health concerns. There's no modifying it. You need to understand what's required of you in both time commitment and cost before signing up for your Initial Visit. Although we've had people who decided not to do labs, or not to come back for their Treatment Plan Appointment, those people went away unsatisfied and frustrated because they wouldn't follow the process. Again, we are not a traditional medical office and our process is wholly unique and different. 

What are the costs associated with the New Patient Process?

It will take you 6-8 weeks to finish all the steps of the New Patient Process. During this time, you can expect to pay out-of-pocket between $800 to $1,500. Let's break these costs down:

  1. Initial Visit is $399.00 - This is broken down into a $200 non-refundable deposit that secures your appointment and begins the process of gathering your medical data. This deposit is applied toward your Initial Visit, of which the balance of $199 would be due on the day of your visit.

  2. Labs vary depending upon your insurance. If you have medical insurance, we can utilize that insurance toward the costs of the labs. It helps but you still need to plan on paying money out-of-pocket. In general, we advise patient to expect between $100 and $500 out-of-pocket for your labs based upon previous patient experience.

  3. Treatment Plan Appointment is dependent upon the time you spend with Dr. Wine and the complexity of your case. You will fall into two options: 60 minutes costing $510.00, or 45 minutes costing $383.00.


Is there any help you can offer to lower my costs?

Although you pay up front for our services at WHHC, we can provide you with a "SuperBill" that you can turn into your insurance for possible reimbursement. The qualification and amount of reimbursement is wholly dependent upon your insurance policy and their coverage of out-of-network providers. 


I know that other holisitic and functional doctors have a long waiting list. How long before I can see Dr. Wine for the Initial Visit?

We understand it's difficult to schedule with a holistic physician. That's why Dr. Wine's schedule has 8-10 slots set aside each week to see new patients. Therefore, you can expect to see Dr. Wine for your Initial Visit within 1 to 3 weeks. 


I understand the costs, how do I begin my New Patient Process?

In order to become a patient at Wine Holistic Health Center you must call 810-355-4201 to schedule your Initial Visit.  This will be a 45-minute face-to-face with Dr. Wine at the cost of $399. We will collect a non-refundable $200 deposit at the time of scheduling, with the balance of $199 due at the visit. 


What happens after I schedule the Initial Visit?

After we've scheduled your Initial Visit and processed your deposit, you'll receive an email invitation to the patient portal (Power2Patient). This is a cloud-based online system that serves as your communications center with the clinic. After you've set up your patient profile, you will need to answer extensive questions about your health history. Your answers will be the basis for your discussions with Dr. Wine during the Initial Visit, allowing her a good understanding of various aspects of your physical and emotional health. The process of filling out the patient portal takes between 30-45 minutes. You will need the the patient portal completed 48 hours prior to your Initial Visit. If the portal is not completed 48 hours prior to your visit, then your Initial Visit will need to be rescheduled. 


How do I fill out the patient portal?

Click on the link embedded in the email from Wine Holistic Health Center inviting you to register in the patient portal.  

  1. Once you click on the link you will be taken to the patient portal where you'll be prompted for your date of birth.

  2. You will then be prompted to set up passwords and security questions.

  3. After your account is set up you will be given an opportunity to log in. Use the username provided when you scheduled your Initial Visit over the phone.

  4. Once in the portal, hover your cursor over the Health button on the top of the screen. Select the My Medical Profile option under the pull-down menu.

  5. There are 16 tabs on the left side of your screen. Each tab has a page of information we need you to complete. Save your work as you fill out information utilizing the Yellow SAVE button on the top right of the page.

  6. There are also two eSign Documents that will need to be reviewed and signed. These are the New Patient Policy and Financial Policy documents.

  7. All 16 sections of the online patient portal, as well as both eSign Documents, must be completed prior to your Initial Visit or we will need to reschedule your appointment.


Will Dr. Wine review previous medical records during my Initial Visit?

If you wish, you may fax, mail or drop-off medical records from the past 2 years at least 5 business days prior to your Initial Visit. This allows Dr. Wine time to review your history before your 45 minute face-to-face Initial Visit.  If you are being seen for possible female hormone therapy please send us a copy your most recent pap/pelvic results and mammogram as well. It is your responsibility to contact the office to confirm we have received any sent records prior to your appointment. If records are received less than 5 business days prior to your Initial Visit, we cannot gaurantee Dr. Wine will have time to review those records, and there will be no time credited to your 45 minute Initial Visit to review said records. 


I'm looking for a Primary Care Provider (PCP). Can Dr. Wine function as my holistic PCP?

No. At this time we do not offer this service to patients. You will need to establish, or continue, care with a PCP outside of Wine Holistic Health Center.


When should I arrive for my Initial Visit?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to make ensure all necessary paperwork is completed prior to your appointment to maximize your appointment time with the physician.


Please call the WHHC at 810-355-4201 with any further questions, and/or to schedule your Initial Visit with Dr. Wine.