Our Mission

Get to the root cause of your health and set you on a path of wellness.

Our History

The Wine Holistic Health Center was built and created by Sara Wine, D.O.  Dr. Wine is a board certified Family Physician who trained at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City.  After her training completion, Dr. Wine went on to serve as a National Health Scholar Physician for rural Family medicine doctor and Hospitalist for West Shore Medical Center and  Alpena Regional Medical Center.  She later went on to do Family Medicine in Northern Michigan.  It was during those years that her son Sullivan was diagnosed with severe Autism.  Dr. Wine sought out all conventional treatments to get her son better but after much frustration and very few answers, Dr. Wine listened to her patients and turned to Holistic and Biomedical treatments for her son which made a huge difference in her son's healing.

It was through this experience that Dr. Wine started her extensive training in Integrative and Holistic medicine to not only seek answers for her son, but for all her adult and pediatric patients' health conditions as well.  Dr. Wine's journey has lead her to the goal of changing primary care medicine, where instead of just treating symptoms with prescription drugs that often don't work or cause side effects, we as health care providers get to the root cause of our patient's health.  This lead to the creation of the Wine Holistic Health Center, a place where patients get the answers, tools, and gain empowerment to take back over their bodies and their health on the journey to optimal well being.